In the Shadow of Dreams

In Dipantara you find yourself as a stranger. Between the city spaces you see a crowd you don’t recognize. The current of vehicles races with the flow of life. Looking up you see the buildings standing under the slow-moving clouds. “Welcome to the country under the wind,” as if you could hear the giant statues in the city space greet you; before you continue walking.

Where will this crowd go and what are wandering in their minds? “They are making a living, catching their fading dreams,” a voice within you says. Then they returned to the lap of the night, locking themselves in from others. They need walls to avoid various gazes so that they can be themselves, before tomorrow draw their steps again.

At a glance you imagine another space where time stops. There is deep conversation and your spirit is connected to the nature. You imagine, when you see others, you see nothing but part of your souls. Time is  no longer a controller, neither it is like a horse that unstoppably pulls your dream carts. You joyfully pass your current moment with celebrations.

When you reflect, the warm streams in your mind take you to the idea of living room. Has not living room told us something? It says a lot about welcoming and how one being open to others; you see how free time and togetherness are another luxury that is not owned by all individuals. One greets each other, gather under the same roof with laughter.

Living room is the early point where people face each other and converse. And that becomes the medium where the exchange of ideas takes place. There are experiences recorded by the soul and expressed through words, then they become stories and knowledge. It is in the spirit of lumbung all are connected to one another to learn and to share.