quick note on lumbung.space (part 1)

design by studio4oo2 and lumbung.space working group

Since the internet became popular, it has become a medium that allows the creation of new solidarity between users spread across various regions.

Unfortunately, this internet networking ability is not necessarily neutral, it exists on platforms controlled by elites and full of surveillance. Nonetheless, these digital solidarity practices continue to give rise to new—more egalitarian ideas and forms; that continue to explore the unique potentials of internet use.

Through documenta fifteen, that space for exploration was also created to identify “what a digital platform for inter-local lumbung practices could possibly look like?”.

Which is not extractive/exploitative, organized and governed by the users, and is in line with the lumbung’s values? However, the last question also has further implications since of course the collaborators and the materials used to build it should also be in line with the lumbung spirit(s).

In other words: lumbung’s values like locally anchored, regeneration, independence, humor, sufficiency, and endurance are expressed not only in how lumbung.space is made: but also “what it’s made of” which means lumbung.space should be built by using the tools, materials, practices, and partners who share these values.

Currently, lumbung.space is articulated in the form of an ecosystem consisting of various kinds of open-source software (rather than creating our own software: the lumbung.space working group chooses to improve existing softwares—and be part of the open-source community ecosystem that encourages the creation of a better, and fairer digital environment ) that is unified through a one-door login system. It also has the ability to share both privately and publicly (and therefore the issue of governance is an important matter and needs to be discussed very soon).

The main priority, for now, is to soon re-connect with the existing lumbung communities; to also join forces and be part of the working group. Also to reconvene with those who have particular necessities to improve or realize specific tools on lumbung.space to further support our lumbung building processes as an inter-local network after the 100 days has ended.

And as well as to build more synergies/relationships with other digital platforms/initiatives that have also been established by the network so that they can learn from each other, complement, and support each other’s sustainability.