“La cosecha en la Documenta 15”, por Sandra Fernández

El colectivo colombiano Más Arte Más Acción desarrolló alrededor de 36 eventos durante la Documenta 15.

The Harvest at Documenta 15, by Sandra Fernández 。。。English translation below 。。。 La resistencia y el reflejo de la otra cara del arte propiciaron un encuentro entre diversos colectivos del mundo. La organización colombiana Más Arte Más Acción reconoció en sus actividades la importancia de juntar visiones hacia el desarrollo sostenible. Con el ánimo de… Continue reading “La cosecha en la Documenta 15”, por Sandra Fernández

Nongkrong, small challenge, yet it’s just that we’re here now…

Documenta15 is over. This is the first time that I felt sorry that the exhibition is over.I tried to write this several times before the end of the 100 days, but I couldn’t: whether to write an official, write a personal , or this hesitation prevented me from writing.Now, I think I should write. Nongkrong… Continue reading Nongkrong, small challenge, yet it’s just that we’re here now…


On July 30, 2022 16:00–18:00 (guided tour 16:15) you are cordially invited to the Open Labs and Open Studio at the research platform BAU KUNST ERFINDEN | BUILDING ART INVENTION: How to weave and braid with solid wood? How to transform light into energy and energy into light? How can concrete grow green? How to combine old… Continue reading BUILDING ART INVENTION | Open Labs

And They Die a Natural Death

Nguyễn Trinh Thi, 2022 Installation, mixed media Durational Blending elements of literature, sound, image, and technology, Nguyễn Trinh Thi creates a live theatre in which the wind from Tam Đảo forest in Vietnam takes center stage. And They Die a Natural Death takes inspiration from a scene recounted in the autobiographical novel Tale Told in… Continue reading And They Die a Natural Death

lumbung.space is online!

Soft launch of the lumbung network’s online platform lumbung.space is a social and publishing platform by and for the lumbung members and artists of documenta fifteen. The platform allows members of the lumbung network to connect, support each other, and share knowledge collectively while making the process visible to the public. The website will continuously… Continue reading lumbung.space is online!

Where is the Art?

Different cultures have different concepts and definitions of art. documenta fifteen processes are no exception, where the definition of art becomes another space for conversation. The involvement of lumbung inter-lokal from various cities in the world has come with different concepts. When this is brought together in the context of documenta fifteen taking place in… Continue reading Where is the Art?

Some Notes on Lumbung Kios

(Learning Session with Kate Rich – 04032021) Everyone from different cities is joining. They are from lumbung members, mostly: Gudskul from Jakarta, Festival Le Sur Niger from Mali, Britto Arts Trust from Dhaka, Trampolin House from Copenhagen and others. It was started with a quick introduction. Kate is currently in Tasmania, Australia. She’s going to… Continue reading Some Notes on Lumbung Kios

Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Questions on extractive mode of living where resources are concentrated on the few has inevitably been part of conversations. This issue has invited myriad thoughts and dialogues on how to sustainably prolong the resources. Also, there’s no way to avoid conversing about regeneration as it’s been one of the key values in lumbung process. Within… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency

Perhaps there’s an empty hole inside human soul which urge to be filled again and again. Once a hole is jam-packed, another will come up to the surface. It drives individuals to explore or sometimes conquer what is in front of them for the sake of ambition despite political or ecological consequences. As one of… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency