Where is the Art?

Different cultures have different concepts and definitions of art. documenta fifteen processes are no exception, where the definition of art becomes another space for conversation. The involvement of lumbung inter-lokal from various cities in the world has come with different concepts. When this is brought together in the context of documenta fifteen taking place in Europe, a new dynamic takes place. At least two main features are visible.

The first is the tendency of how art tends to be associated with objects resulting from the achievements of individual genius. It can be an installation work, a painting, and so on. It is also connected to the idea of ​​how it is presented to the public in the form of a certain format of exhibitions, for example, where visitors can relate to the works presented in a gallery or museum, etc.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, there is a collective tendency in the process of art creation. It can be a collective work that tends to respond to the communal life in which certain groups live. It could be part of a daily ritual in the form of a dance, or it could be something nearly similar to humanitarian work in creatively responding to an existing crisis.

These two tendencies then meet and dialogue with each other with a satire-like response, turning into something more discursive “Where is the art?” This question often occurs, especially when a new work that appears does not have a close reference to the trends that have existed so far, so there is a kind of demand to give an affirmation about the elements of art in a particular model.

This question turned out to invite long thoughts and requires further conversations. Especially, in the context of lumbung, how to translate the various ideas and practices in different cultures that have been put into practice in the context of Kassel. In addition, it offers concept art that does not only focus on objects that require thinking about how to make them visible and can be appreciated.

To address this topic, a working group called “Where is the Art?” was created to provoke and generate creative ideas that may be explored further. For example, the possibility of seeing methods and interactions between space and humans as part of the work. Several discussion sessions with artists and lumbung members are there to sharpen the concept and form in Kassel.