Party Office at d15/ it takes a village ;)

Gratitude towards those who made documenta fifteen possible for us: Project was funded by documenta fifteen and Goethe Institut, New Delhi Party Office is an anticaste, antiracist, transfeminist art and social space based in New Delhi, India, also at satellite locations and as conceptual architecture. Through publications, grants, radical archives, conversations of life lived, social… Continue reading Party Office at d15/ it takes a village 😉

documenta fifteen: Dreaming of a New Cartography

In an essay for Arts Equator, Alia Swastika, Director of the Jogja Biennale, offers a bold analysis of ruangrupa’s documenta fifteen, one that frames their artistic direction as an opening of new pathways that are long overdue. 。。。 Indonesian collective ruangrupa successfully introduced the global art world to the value of resource sharing and collective… Continue reading documenta fifteen: Dreaming of a New Cartography

卡塞尔文献展的溢出与溢出治理, 刘伟田

广州艺术空间BOLOHO在此次卡塞尔文献的展览空间 / Guangzhou art space BOLOHO in the exhibition space of this Kassel documenta

Spillover and Spillover Governance at Documenta in Kassel, by Liu Weitian 。。。English translation below 。。。 当代艺术的边界在加速扩张,边界本身逐渐失去原有的意义,用于划分领土的界线成为双向侵蚀滋长的浑浊地带。溢出和污染在此处发生。伴随着边界的瓦解,中心与边缘的关系失去了支撑,领域自身的连贯性破裂了。矗立在艺术世界中心位置,继承了辉煌遗产的利益相关者们仍然幻想着对边界和疆域的掌控,尽管他们脚下的地面已经出现裂缝。 我们熟悉的关于“艺术”的知识越来越无法帮助我们理解所处的状况,“艺术作品”或是“艺术创作”这样的词汇愈发显得画蛇添足、不合时宜。敏锐的艺术史学者和艺术批评家尝试理解正在发生的变化,并通过历史和理论写作来修补裂缝、重整秩序。他们看似乐于见到艺术边界的扩张,并积极地参与到这项事业中,可是这样的工作往往建立在对于边界本身的敬意和怀念之上。由此生产出的叙述和理论不足以帮助我们理解事情的全貌。比如,对“艺术介入社会”的历史叙述和号召远赶不上艺术的边界化解于真实世界中的速度。当保护着艺术的壁垒已经形同虚设,“艺术介入社会”只是帮助艺术挽回些许颜面的伪命题。

Practicar el Lumbung. Un reccorido en imágenes por documenta 15, por Alejandra Villasmil

Serigrafistas Queer, What is a flag?, taller en Sandershaus, Kassel, 2022. Foto: Martha Friede/documenta fifteen

Practicing the Lumbung: An Overview of documenta 15 in Pictures, by Alejandra Villasmil 。。。English translation below 。。。 La historia está plagada de capítulos sombríos donde los intereses geopolíticos y económicos terminan por incidir en la libre expresión cultural. En los casos más complejos, terminan en censura y autocensura. Desde este sur global, solo basta mirar… Continue reading Practicar el Lumbung. Un reccorido en imágenes por documenta 15, por Alejandra Villasmil

Letter of Solidarity

17.08.2022 Dear visitors, passersby, Kassel community, we are part of the sobat-sobat, the team of art mediators employed at this year’s documenta ffteen. Our intention behind writing this letter of solidarity is to publicly show our support, trust and respect for the Artistic Direction ruangrupa, the invited collectives and artists, curators, staff and the corresponding… Continue reading Letter of Solidarity

Scroll down and click on the tab “Public Signatories” if you wish to add your name to the list

Dear Christian Geselle, Angela Dorn, Susanne Völker, Claudia Roth, the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders of documenta, 

We are angry, we are sad, we are tired, we are united.

We have tried our best to stay above the chaos, hostility, racism and censorship that have engulfed this edition of documenta. We have tried our best to stay focused and committed to our work and the promises and hopes of the lumbung. We have been resilient and in solidarity with our communities, friends, supporters, hosts and guests.

Rolling Competition in documenta fifteen 2022 (Recap)

Just Rolllllll by lumbung artist Nhà Sàn Collective is a competition of rolling with unexpected criteria. Roll your way with food, tobacco, humor, and love. Participants can bring edible ingredients to join the rolling and win something.The Nhà Sàn Collective, together with invited artists, is organizing a public program at documenta fifteen with a performative,… Continue reading Rolling Competition in documenta fifteen 2022 (Recap)

Meydan #1

documenta fifteen public program MEYDAN #1MEYDAN MUSIC FESTIVALby Festival sur le Niger, RRREC Fest, Cinema Caravan 8, 9, 10 July 2022Fri – Sat: 4 pm – 11 pmSun: 4 pm – 10 pmKarlsaue Park, Kassel, Germany A collaboration between 3 festivals (Fondation Festival Sur Le Niger, Cinema Caravan, and RRREC Fest) with performers from various… Continue reading Meydan #1