Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Questions on extractive mode of living where resources are concentrated on the few has inevitably been part of conversations. This issue has invited myriad thoughts and dialogues on how to sustainably prolong the resources. Also, there’s no way to avoid conversing about regeneration as it’s been one of the key values in lumbung process. Within… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency

Perhaps there’s an empty hole inside human soul which urge to be filled again and again. Once a hole is jam-packed, another will come up to the surface. It drives individuals to explore or sometimes conquer what is in front of them for the sake of ambition despite political or ecological consequences. As one of… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency

Lumbung Calling: Transparency

What is the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed? The critical question might arise as people are living together in one common space. What bring them together? The question will take us to the issue of trust. Will, then, there be trust without transparency? As one of lumbung values, transparency become… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Transparency

Lumbung Calling: Generosity

There used to be days when joy was blown in the air. People were dancing. Children and adults were celebrating the moment, also travelers from distant countries. You could listen to the sound of music. Creativity dominated the city. In Segou, art is not only about beauty, but a spirit calling people to come together.… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Generosity

Lumbung Calling: Independence

Throughout history, independence has been an important narrative around the world. It is been perceived as a noble goal. Yet, it is still relatively a rare topic to discuss. Within our conversation about Lumbung, what if we revisit the notion of independence? On June 8 2021, Jumana Emil Abboud, a host based in Jerusalem, and… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Independence

Lumbung Calling: Humor

Despite it exists and is familiar in our daily life, humor as a topic seems relatively far from conversations. It was evening in Indonesia when speakers across different time zones began shedding a light on the topic. Our host, Mirwan Andan from Indonesia and Jumana Abboud from Palestine mentioned lumbung and humor. Why they are… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Humor

Lumbung Calling: Local Anchor

With four different time zones, from Makassar, Jakarta, Jerussalem and Kassel, some people were connected to each other through Lumbung Calling. It is the first public program of documenta fifteen (03/04/2021). Hosts and guests looked prepared on the screen. They were about to talk about one of the main values of lumbung for documenta fifteen… Continue reading Lumbung Calling: Local Anchor

Lumbung Assembly 2020 Day IV

27 Oct 2020 Five days later, the assembly continued.  “Good morning all! Thank you! We are delighted, we would like to share our story” Bright smiles were on screens. They were Festival Le Sur Niger from Mali, West Africa. On the short video played, people enjoyed exhibitions, talks, and various kind of music. Men and… Continue reading Lumbung Assembly 2020 Day IV

Lumbung Assembly 2020 Day III

“Are you guys ready?” The lyrics appeared on our screen. The music pounded delightfully in our ears, triggering all our adrenaline. All tried to keep on singing a song by Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive.  With the karaoke, time flew. “We can feel your energy. Thank you everyone!” All applauded. That’s how the third assembly… Continue reading Lumbung Assembly 2020 Day III