Lumbung Calling: Humor

Despite it exists and is familiar in our daily life, humor as a topic seems relatively far from conversations.

It was evening in Indonesia when speakers across different time zones began shedding a light on the topic. Our host, Mirwan Andan from Indonesia and Jumana Abboud from Palestine mentioned lumbung and humor. Why they are worth conversing?

On the same screen was Gridthiya Gaweewong based in Thailand. As a curator, she has been working on the issue of political culture in Southeast Asia. Gridthiya told stories of her exhibition called the Politics of Fun through which we could feel the political aura as well as its connection with humor.

Smiling there was a man confessing on how not easy it is to talk about humor. Based in London, Sourabh Phadke is an Architect and School Teacher. He presented his practices related to the idea of flexibility. As a school teacher, he showed us his method of playful actions by challenging the common ways of seeing and doing things.

As the conversation flows, we are brought further into various sides of the topic. How humor is related to Lumbung? What value does it inherently have? For more, please feel free to access

Thanks to Undine the conversation was rendered more accessible via international language interpretation.