Lumbung Calling: Independence

Throughout history, independence has been an important narrative around the world. It is been perceived as a noble goal. Yet, it is still relatively a rare topic to discuss. Within our conversation about Lumbung, what if we revisit the notion of independence?

On June 8 2021, Jumana Emil Abboud, a host based in Jerusalem, and Mirwan Andan who is now based in Kassel, trigger this this topic further. Not only conversing about independence, they also weave it with the idea of interdependence which is not hierarchical and binary. Instead of “independent from”, they  talk about “inter-dependent between ..”

Bringing two speakers on the issue, this Lumbung value topic is enriched by the distinct insight from Omar Tesdell, a Palestinian agroecology scholar and activist based in Ramallah. This conversation is also joined by Tania Bruguerg, a cultural activist and founder of Instituto De Artivismo Hannah Arendt, a collective based in Havana.

While Omar is revealing the story of their experience in conducting ecological research with their new method called makaniyya or spatiality, Tania touched upon the issue of art as a tool for social change through alternative space. What it means to demand independence in this background? What makaniyya looks like? How are both speakers’ pratices similar and distinct in their respective context? For more, feel free to access

Thanks to Undine the local anchor was rendered more accessible via international sign language interpretation.