Lumbung Calling: Generosity

There used to be days when joy was blown in the air. People were dancing. Children and adults were celebrating the moment, also travelers from distant countries. You could listen to the sound of music. Creativity dominated the city. In Segou, art is not only about beauty, but a spirit calling people to come together. They call it Festival le sur Niger, one of the biggest art events in West Africa. On the other part of the world, a group of artists and photographers also gathered to create stories, to highlight what is unseen or unheard through archives.

In the latest conversation on one of lumbung values called generosity, Mamou Daffe, founder of Festival le sur Niger and Yasmine Eid Sabbagh, an artists and a member of Arab Image Foundation virtually came with us telling their stories. There are thoughts and experiences behind their practices related to the value of generosity. There is a local concept called maya entrepreneurship. Also, thoughts on whether there’s a limit in generosity.

Generosity refers to the willingness to share instead of competing. Not only material, but also intangible entity such time and creativity and emotions. How maya concept is related to solidarity? how generosity is narrated and applied in specific field such as archives? Moderated by Jumana Abboud and Mirwan Andan, the complete conversation is accessible at

Thanks to Undine the generosity was rendered more accessible via international sign language interpretation.