Lumbung Calling: Transparency

What is the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed? The critical question might arise as people are living together in one common space. What bring them together? The question will take us to the issue of trust. Will, then, there be trust without transparency? As one of lumbung values, transparency become one key topic in our latest lumbung calling.

As it is related to the idea of knowledge and power sharing, Shahidul Alam, a photographer and cultural activist from Bangladesh joined us and shared his practices and perspectives on transparency and its relation to lumbung in his context. Similarly, Erica Malunguinho enriched the discussion through art practices, challenges, and the issue of black culture in Brazil.

Hosted by Mirwan Andan and Jumana Abboud, the conversation takes us further to the journey of thoughts and reflections on transparency. What are the strategies applied by Shahidul Alam when it comes to opportunities and power relationship within social contract in his context? Also, what are multiple meanings of transparency according to Erica Malunguinho? How is it related to the issue of racism? For more, feel free to access

Thanks to the translator and Undine the local anchor was rendered more accessible via English translation and international sign language interpretation.