Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency

Perhaps there’s an empty hole inside human soul which urge to be filled again and again. Once a hole is jam-packed, another will come up to the surface. It drives individuals to explore or sometimes conquer what is in front of them for the sake of ambition despite political or ecological consequences. As one of lumbung values, sufficiency has been a pertinent concept to revisit today. What is the meaning of being enough? What is the limit of sufficiency? These are discursive questions requiring critical thoughts and ideas across contexts and cultures.

In doing so, Lumbung Calling this edition has brought to us a moment of conversation with two of prominent cultural activists and author. Christopher Cozier is an artist and curator who share his thoughts on the idea of sufficiency. Not only that, he relates the concept with Caribbean tradition called Gayap which cause us to rethink the idea of scarcity and plenty. Also, how the value affects human behavior. Our second speaker is Paula Fleisner, an author of several books who enlarge the sufficiency with loftier ecosystem beyond human, a non-anthropocentric view. How the speakers enriched this conversation?

Moderated by Jumana Abboud and Mirwan Andan, the complete conversation is accessible at

Thanks to Undine Schafer the sufficiency was rendered more accessible via international sign language interpretation.