Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Questions on extractive mode of living where resources are concentrated on the few has inevitably been part of conversations. This issue has invited myriad thoughts and dialogues on how to sustainably prolong the resources. Also, there’s no way to avoid conversing about regeneration as it’s been one of the key values in lumbung process.

Within the idea of regeneration, the possibility and limit are challenged. How to see resources not just as commodity to be accumulated. How to transform it into something that could be reused and shared. Also, to quote Jumana Abboud, to generate time and space for mutual supports and reflections. On this topic, different perspectives and practices are explored.

Our speakers in this lumbung calling edition are Gulnara Kasmalieva and Muratbek Djumaliev. Speaking from Kyrgyzstan, where they are based, Gulnara describes regeneration within the transitive period in the former Uni Soviet as paradigm shift took place in the art world.

Coming from another part of the world namely Tunisia is Arafat Sadallah. He initiated a laboratory platform for experiment in contemporary art, to create new means of working together. Reflecting on oasis as a metaphor, Arafat explores how it fits the conversation of regeneration in historical context of Middle East.

Reflecting on these different contexts, is there any possibility for cross cultural translation of the practices?

Moderated by Jumana Abboud and Mirwan Andan, the complete conversation is accessible at

Thanks to Undine for making it more accessible through international signed language interpretation. []