Lumbung Calling: Local Anchor

With four different time zones, from Makassar, Jakarta, Jerussalem and Kassel, some people were connected to each other through Lumbung Calling. It is the first public program of documenta fifteen (03/04/2021). Hosts and guests looked prepared on the screen. They were about to talk about one of the main values of lumbung for documenta fifteen called: local anchor. 

As Melani Budianta, a scholar from Universitas Indonesia, got her chance, the conversation on lumbung definition and its practices by locals was started. The issue of land grabbing and the urban expansion was related to how lumbung is currently translated by the locals.

Along with Melani Budianta was a man named Armin Salasa. Living with organic farmers in Salassae, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Armin told stories of how values of lumbung related to organic farming practices. Also, a story of how green revolution has negatively impacted the ecosystem.

Hosted by Mirwan Andan and Jumana Emil Abboud, guests shared their stories not only about the lumbung in its architectural context, but also its relations to spirit, world views, and distinctive local cosmology. How it is, then, translated into practice; how changes have affected the current practices? For more, feel free to access

Thanks to Harry Isra and Undine the local anchor was rendered more accessible via Indonesian translation and international sign language interpretation.