Nongkrong, small challenge, yet it’s just that we’re here now…

Documenta15 is over. This is the first time that I felt sorry that the exhibition is over.
I tried to write this several times before the end of the 100 days, but I couldn’t: whether to write an official, write a personal , or this hesitation prevented me from writing.
Now, I think I should write.


Do we have a Nongkrong? There is a Nongkrong in Indonesian. This means “Let’s hang out!”. All of our friends used it in Kassel.
While we were in Kassel we prepared an exhibition and we were in Gudkichen (outdoor open kitchen, the backyard of Fridercianum) for many times. We did Nongkrong while making dinner and sharing. Artists, Critics, Technicians and Volunteers all greeted comfortably and did Nongkrong regardless of their roles. Food, snacks, beer, juice … everything they had to eat and went and prepared a meal together. One day karaoke was in there, one day small talks, and one day serious conversations were in there During the month that we stayed in Kassel, we got a new Nongkrong every day.
How long have we been doing Nongkrong? I remember it was possible just in Korea until the 90s. In Insa-dong, where the gallery is crowded, in Chungmuro, which went for develop the film, in Cheonggyecheon, where I went to buy materials for artwork. Each time we did Nongkrong: We talked about art and society and talked about what was possible. In the gallery, on the street, in the street pubs, in the parks.But in the Korean society where everything is moving with efficiency and consumption, it is impossible. It’s hard to meet unless we work together. Every time we meet, we’re all exhausted, hard, and difficult. But in Kassel we did Nongkrong: the various systems and peoples that make it possible, it was our wish.

Mini majelis, small challenge

Mini majelis is Lumbung (Indonesian word for a collectively Governored rice-barn) is a movement that occurs in . Our mini majelis is composed of 5 artists (TaringPadi, Richard Bell, Ook-reinart, ikkibawiKrrrr, Wakaliwood). We met on Zoom since 2021. Mini majelis has a Common Pot, and with it we can do what we want to do. This budget is entirely a system we choose and share, so we have had a lot of conversation about what we will do with common pot. There was a subtle check when we did not agree each others, but when we met in real after a long online meeting, we were already friends. Wakaliwood said they would build a Film school in Uganda. TaringPadi and ikkibawiKrrrr decided to go through an exchange project with each other. Ook said that he would continue to do his activities and edite our stories and make a book. Richard Bell wanted to do with Ook on art discourse, and he supported us all.
So we try to create an opportunity to get back together even after the Documenta15 is over. Richard Bell wanted to work with Ook on art discourse, and supported us all.
I hoped this budget would be used to better understand the community that is connected to us. In November, we will go to Indonesia with Giho who is a farmer of the Heeyangsan Cooperative (the village where we farm rice together). ikkibawiKrrr wants to visit TaringPadi and meet the farmer in there. And TaringPadi will also come and join us in the village (gaeun) where we farm rice together.
Ruangrupa’s plan to move away from the general way in which everything ends when the exhibition closes and continue to be friends and activities spread to each Lumbung artist, and when we suddenly came to our senses, we were already doing it. We will do what we want to do, slow but not forget this. Harriet of Wakaliwood said we’ve already become a family. We dream one day that all of our mini majelis go to Uganda and visit their Film school. Lumbung is continue.

Anti-Semitism, yet it’s just that we’re here now…

There is anti-Semitism that followed us at the same time as the exhibition opening. Who is anti-Semitism? All the artists opposed it was discrimination and violence. Once in the back yard of Venue in TaringPadi, in the park next to the accomodation, and in the Zoom meeting, we gathered wherever we were and at least 60 people gathered to discuss. We discussed, wrote and fixed letters; each one found what we could do, and eventually wrote a statement. We had lost the sun during the meeting in the brightest hours, and in the dark park we turned on the phone flash and continued the conversation. Ade told us that we should focus on each other and continue to learn from each other. We should learn each other’s societies, our points. The media locked us up and the office stopped cause of Covid19, but artists worked on their own and Sobat (‘Friends’ in Indonesian word) community volunteers supported us. And the artists continued their public programs at their venue; NonGkrong and mini majelis were held.
Online and offline, we still continue to do what we can, while we return to Korea and still hear the activities of everyone who remains through SNS and Zoom. I have returned to my daily life in Korea, but Nongkrong and Lumbung are always in my heart.
This experience makes us feel responsible for Lumbung. Gyeol Ko of ikkibawiKrrr will soon go for more experience with Gudskul in Jakarta. (MG, you have to allow this! Please ^^) And I’m going to TaringPadi to share our warehouse with Jungwon Kim.
What’s next? We will change and continue to go, even if we don’t have specific plans yet, and we will make point with our friends and do something. How will we share and continue with Nongkrong and Lumbung in our respective positions in the future? is an implicit promise to us, so Lumbung must continue.

ps. Thank you so much for our Sobats: Susanne, Sookhyang and Yein. Hopefully we can meet again someday and do Nongkrong again!

29.09. 2022
Jieun of ikki.